shutterstock_1723848115_2jo0GfW..jpeg (shutterstock_1723848115.webp)At Smart Infusion, we believe that patient education is one of the most important aspects of care. Understanding the treatment process, the medications involved, and the expected outcomes empowers patients to become active participants in their healthcare journey. With this in mind, one of the first questions patients have is: “What is an 'infusion,' exactly?”

After all, you've likely heard the word 'infusion' used in a number of different contexts. From infusing your water with fruit to infusing a sauce with herbs, the word is used in a variety of settings. So, let's delve into the medical use of the term 'infusion,' its origins, and its significance in healthcare today. Read on as we demystify the word and provide answers to all your infusion-related questions.

History of 'Infusions'

The term 'infusion' originates from the Latin word 'infundere,' which means 'to pour in.' Think of tea: When we steep tea leaves in hot water, we are essentially infusing the water with the tea's flavor, aroma, and color. In fact, tea, one of the most popular beverages across the globe, is the perfect example of infusion.

As infusion therapy treatments were being developed in the mid-1600s, this same concept of “pouring in” was used to describe the new procedure. The earliest documented instance of infusion therapy was in 1656, by Sir Christopher Wren. He used a quill and a pig's bladder as part of a rudimentary experiment that laid the foundation for the modern practice of infusion therapy.

In the 19th century, the process was refined and became more clinically useful. Dr. Thomas Latta is often credited as the pioneer who used intravenous therapy in a medical context. During the cholera epidemic in 1832, he administered saline solution intravenously to severely dehydrated patients. His experiment proved successful, marking a significant leap in medical science. Since then, infusion treatments have evolved tremendously, becoming an essential part of modern healthcare.

The Principles of Modern Infusion Therapy

Modern infusion therapy involves administering medication directly into the bloodstream through a vein, typically when oral antibiotics or other oral medications are not an option. Also known as intravenous or IV therapy, infusion therapy treatments are tailored to a patient's needs and their condition.

But what does infusion therapy treat? From managing autoimmune diseases and boosting immune system function to providing an alternative for oral antibiotics and other oral treatment, the applications of infusion therapies are vast and varied.

At Smart Infusion, we use infusions to treat conditions like:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Crohn's disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Lupus
  • Asthma

Overall, infusion therapy is an effective and widely used treatment for a variety of conditions. Unlike oral medication, infusion therapy treatments are often more powerful and longer lasting, as the medication is directly delivered to the bloodstream.

Why 'Infusion' is an Appropriate Term

When a healthcare provider administers an infusion, they are essentially 'pouring in' medication or fluids directly into the patient. Since its first use many centuries ago, the term has remained popular in the medical community because of its accuracy. In essence, infusions are a form of “pouring in” medicine or fluids into the body in a controlled manner.

At Smart Infusion, we are proud to carry on the centuries-old tradition of infusion therapy. We strive to provide our patients with safe and effective treatments that empower them in their healthcare journey.

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